Porn with an exotic pussy by the pool

Porn with an exotic pussy by the pool

Eric took a sip of the hot tea from the mug that he held. His handswrapped around them as though the warmth seeping through the ceramic would drive away the slight chill and damp drifting in the open window of his home office, on the second floor of the house. The late-August rainstorm had been soaking the earth since the late morning but instead of the smell of the earth and of new growth that he had so enjoyed earlier in the year, now the rains brought the smell of autumn and of leaves fallen to the ground. Even though home was so far away, the smells were the same, and it brought to mind the start of the school year, and Thanksgiving, and all those autumn things that he loved. Eric leaned against the large windowsill, looking out through the large bay window across the fields south of his house, towards the sea. The coolness of the tiles against his arms and upper stomach was matched by sky's dark cloud cover. The comparative warmth of the room's wooden panels against his legs and naked body matched the visual warmth of the fields beneath the leaden sky. He placed the mug on the tiles, turned away from the window and headed back into the house. Although the tea hadn't warmed him in quite the way that he had hoped, the sound of a bath being run on the other side of the house reminded him of another possibility, and one that hinted at an afternoon spent in enjoyment, rather than the dreary realities of work, and responsibilities. The door to the master bedroom was open as he turned the corner of the hallway, he could see that Vanessa had left her silk and lace kimono in a puddle on the floor, just on the carpet before the bathroom's tile started. That kimono was one of Vanessa's favourite things to wear inside the house, and he had bought it for her as a present to wear before their last vacation to the Caribbean. It looked wonderful on her, the dark blue silk trimmed with maroon, and embroidered with black and gold shapes and patterns. When knotted the silk tie flowed under her bust giving her a high waist, then flaring out lightly to a few inches above her knees. Eric had surprised her with it, and had packed it into her luggage without her even knowing, placing it in the middle between her bikinis and her halter dresses, with the hope that she would unpack her bag, and find it when they arrived. She had also left it in a silken puddle that first night in Jamaica, although that time it had been on the stones of the patio next to the hot tub that had been in the courtyard at the centre of their private cabin. Stepping over the kimono, Eric again leaned against the frame of the open door, and looked lovingly at Vanessa as she ran the bath. The bathtub was tucked into the corner of the room opposite the shower, the tiles that lined the floor continuing up the sides, and forming the wide rim that ran all away around the bathtub. They had spent considerable money designing the bathroom after they had moved in, and had chosen the bathtub with malice aforethought for the time that they would spend in it together. The tub itself was shaped like an egg, roughly oval but with one end significantly narrower than the other. It was aligned along the same axis as the room, the narrow end with the taps being to the right as you entered from the bedroom. Irregularly shaped and of a larger than standard size, Eric and Vanessa had had to have it custom made, but it had proved its worth time and time again. The left side was broad enough for two people to sit entwined with one another, and tiled rim was wide enough to sit on without having to balance precariously. Vanessa's hair was pulled up into a messy bun on the back of her head, the natural blonde hue warmed by the glow of the candles that stood on shelves in three of the four corners of the room. She leaned carefully over the bath, trailing the fingers of her right hand into them and her left leg thick edge of the large, oval ceramic bathtub supporting her. A small chunk of vanilla and rose scented bath bomb circulated, pushed around by the rushing of the water from the taps just at her right elbow. With the water at the right temperature, and coming up to the right level, Vanessa turned off the taps just as Eric came to stand behind her and just to the left, and she paused for a second to feel him softly run the pads of fingertips in a pattern on her back. Through his fingers on her back Eric felt Vanessa's soft sigh, rather than heard it, and left his fingers in contact with her skin as she stood up and turned round, to let his other arm come around her in an embrace that brought her naked body close to his. “I hoped you would hear me running the bath, it's been so long since we've taken one together,” Vanessa murmured as she wrapped her arms around Eric's shoulders and neck. She was cheek to cheek with him, her eyes closed as her head tilted away as he kissed, as he bit her neck and shoulder gently, his hands moving softly down her sides to her hips, and bottom. They stood there for a few seconds, enjoying contact with each other’s body, before Eric pulled away slightly, taking one of Vanessa's hands into his as they slipped down his sides, and led her towards the bathtub. He stepped into the bathtub, the water hot but not uncomfortable. It took a second to adjust and get a proper grip on the bottom, and continued to hold Vanessa's hand as he sat down, then helped her in. The storm began to intensify, and Eric briefly leaned back to have the back of his head on the edge of the bathtub, and looked up at the dark and stormy sky through the large skylight. He watched the large raindrops begin to hit the domed plastic with such force they almost sounded stones. There was a flash of lightning, filling the room with light so that he closed his eyes. He focused on the sound of the rain, and the water, and Vanessa's body against his. Thunder crashed, and he felt Vanessa's hands against his arms as she reached behind her head and guided his hands to touch her under her breasts. Eric sat up a little straighter, sending water moving around the bathtub as he just lifted Vanessa off the bottom and pulled her closer to him. He was sitting with his hack against the edge of the tub, savouring its coolness against the heat of the water. His legs were spread, bent so that his knees were breaking the surface, with Vanessa in the space between them with her back touching his chest. Vanessa lay her head back on Eric's left shoulder, her lips brushing against this cheek, and he could feel her softly breathing on his skin before she softly kissed his neck. “I do so love when you do that, it makes me react in all sorts of ways,” Eric murmured, brushing his fingers softly from Vanessa's knees, up her legs, across her torso and bringing them to rest cupping her breasts, with her nipples lightly grazing the inside of his palms. Vanessa moaned lightly, and then moved her right arm behind her back, arching her back as she did so to push her nipples more firmly against the palms of Eric's hands. She softly bit Eric's neck, lightly holding on with her teeth as she took hold of his penis, placing her palm against the head and laying her fingers along the shaft. He moaned as she used her fingers to apply pressure from the head, down the shaft and back. Eric hissed softly, which Vanessa felt through his neck as much as heard. He quickly took her nipples between his fingers, sharply pulling, turning them, before his right hand brushed down her torso, to between her legs, while his left arm moved to support both her breasts, taking her right breast into her hand, and her left nipple pressed hard against the inside of Eric's arm. Vanessa continued to bite, lick, kiss on suck on Eric's neck, and she opened her legs to let him, nudging his legs flat with her knees, then placing her feet flat on his legs, above his knees. Eric smiled, gently as Vanessa laid her feet on top of his legs. Although not quite as intensely hot a sensation as it was when she was wearing heels, it still felt good for her to lightly dig her feels into him, and bunch her toes against his skin. She kept her grip firm upon his penis, but shifted it to wrap her fingers around it and was stroking it slowly, moving her hand all the way from the head, to the base and back. Vanessa bit Eric's neck, taking hold with her teeth as she felt his fingers tease her clit, then slip inside her. She only released his neck, when he softly pulled his fingers out. “More, definitely do that more,” Vanessa murmured, then rolled her head to the left, presenting her neck to him as she reached over with her hand, and buried it in his hair. She pulled his lips to where she wanted them, then relaxed her grip as Eric started to softly suck on her neck, while sliding two fingers into her, and using his thumb on her clit. Vanessa took Eric's let hand, and place two fingers in her mouth, biting and sucking on them gently as she enjoyed him playing with her body. Eric could tell Vanessa was incredibly turned on, as he gently used the tips of his fingers to stroke the inside of her pussy. From the way her breathing was slowing, the grip on his hair getting tighter, and squeezing with her other hand when his fingers drifter over a particularly sensitive point. Eric started to softly kiss her neck, then along her cheekbones, then her earlobes, which made Vanessa stir, and tighten her grip around him. “You're so wet, so turned on,” he murmured, his lips brush against her ear. Vanessa moaned, and lightly dug her fingernails into his cock, pulling the along the length of the shaft to cup the head in her hand, pre-cum wet against her palm. “I want to taste how turned on your are,” Eric whispered, slowly pulling his fingers from her and brushing them lightly across her cl
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it, as Vanessa gently squeezed his shaft with the pads of her fingers. Eric brought his hands up under her breasts, cupping them and teasing her nipples with his fingertips. Eric thought, not for the first time, that Vanessa had absolutely perfect breasts; large, but not too big in proportion for her curves. Her nipples were sensitive enough that she enjoyed it when he paid attention to them but not so much that it became painful, and they would become hard at the slightest touch. They sat in the middle of two beautiful, dark, oval areolas that set off the shape of the breasts themselves perfectly. Eric slipped his hands over Vanessa's breasts, trying to touch every inch of them with his hands, his hangers, with her nipples slipping down the inside of his forearm in a way that sent a tingle down his spine and set an odd, but nice feeling in his stomach. Vanessa's breasts weren't perky, and she, in her uncharitable moments, would describe them as saggy but Eric could never agree, they were amazing. When upright, her breasts lay against her chest, perfectly positioned the areolas and nipples. Perfectly round they looked amazing naked and if he were being truly honest, Eric would admit that they looked even better with amazing cleavage in a bra or top. But when Vanessa was horizontal, on her back or on her hands and knees they hung down in a way that just invited motion. Feeling and watching her breasts move while they made love always turned Eric on even more. But Vanessa's breasts were just one of her many features that drove him crazy, and the way that she responded to his attentions to her pussy were another. Eric began to shift, to twist onto his left side to allow Vanessa to move to the end of the bath. She sighed almost reluctant to leave the warmth of the water and Eric's embrace, but it had been a few days since she had been able to take advantage of Eric' oral skills and that desire drove her to sit on the edge of the bath, her back firmly in the corner of the wall. She placed her left leg, bent at the knee along the edge of the bathtub, and hooked her right heel over Eric's shoulder, then used it to draw him closer. She was the most turned on she had been in days, and was not going to let it go to waste by rushing. Eric leaned in closer, his hard cock lying against the bottom of the bathtub hard against his body. Ran both hands underneath Vanessa's legs, pulling her closer to the edge of the bath and be began by softly kissing from her left thigh down her leg, then softly blowing a stream of air across her clit and lips then doing the same to her right leg. With her legs spread around his shoulders and down the edge of the bath, Eric could slide his hands underneath and pull her cheeks apart, providing him the access that he wanted. Kissing softly and around her clit lips, then again blowing a soft, cool stream of air across them, Vanessa grew slightly impatient. Placing her left hand on top of his head and again gripping his hair while she cradled her breasts in her right arm, twisting her nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pulling on it at the same time. She leaned back, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling Eric's tongue firmly licked her from between her spread cheeks, along and between her lips, then retraced its path. She moaned, and slightly twisted her hand in his hair, and cold feel Eric moan in turn. “You taste so good, and you get so wet,” Eric said, and Vanessa could feel his grin and he brought his tongue back up, and laid its length along her pussy with the tip lightly flicking her clit. Eric lightly dug his nails into her ass, pulling them again farther apart, then for the first time sliding the tip between her lips, and flicking his tongue inside her and moving his head around with the tip of his nose teasing her clit. Vanessa took her hand from Eric's head, the fingers bent and tracing a line down his cheek as she moved it to her clit, and then started to use one, and then a second finger in a circular motion. “Mmmhm honey, focus on my pussy. Use your tongue all over me.” She tightened her grip on her breast, her right nipple in the crook of her elbow as his tongue slipped back inside her again, then trailed down, the tip just inside, then quickly licking back to the top, and then back in to touch the sides with the tip. She began to move her fingers faster across her clit as Eric's tongue continued its firm and steady caressing. She was getting wetter and wetter, and she could feel it dripping out of her, down her lips and onto Eric's face and tongue. One of Eric's favourite things about making love with Vanessa was that when she became really excited she couldn't help but get so wet, especially when he had the chance to taste, and feel how turned she was. Vanessa was arching her back, and occasionally poking Eric in the nose as she reached down to slide a finger inside at the same time as he was using his tongue. Taking the hint, Eric gently removed his right hand from underneath, and reached along the ledge on the side of the bathtub where they kept a small selection of toys. Slowly inserting his tongue as far as he could inside Vanessa, he felt his over two of the options, before feeling the one he wanted. With a sharp motion that made him graze the toy against the inside of Vanessa's leg, he broke the suction that held it to the ledge. Bringing his tongue out from within her, he brought the head of the toy to rest against her clit, and laid the shaft along her hips, using her wetness to lubricate it. Vanessa brought her hand up from her clit when she felt the toy graze her leg, and took both her breasts in her hands, then moved her left hand to her mouth, biting and sucking on her fingers as Eric moved the dildo from lying along her lips and placed the head against her opening. She bucked forward slightly, almost moving forward and slightly off the edge of the bath as she tried to push it insider her, and moved her foot from Eric's shoulder to the other edge of the bathtub as if more space would draw the dildo inside of her and fill her up. With his hand on the toy, Eric drew it back, not allowing the tip do to more than part the entrance while he used his tongue all around it and then sucked on her clit. “Please... please. I want it. Push it inside of me,” Vanessa murmured, still biting softly down on her fingers of her left hand while the nails of her right hand dragged across Eric's skin, leaving bright red marks in their wake. Eric bared his teeth, and then slowly inserted the dildo into Vanessa, steadily inserting it as she moved her hips back and forth trying to encourage it in. The taste, the feel, and the sound of her wetness as the toy slid inside her made Eric even harder than he had been before, and Eric could not help himself but withdraw the toy quickly dropping it into the bath at the far end. Vanessa whimpered again as the toy that had been filling her so wonderfully was rudely pulled out, and opened her eyes, ready to yell at Eric to put it back in. She saw him sitting facing her, his one hand held out to her, and the other firmly wrapped around his cock, midway up the shaft and gently stroking towards the base. Quickly, she reached out, leaned forward and took his hand, moving her legs to support her as she slipped into the bathtub. Her legs were either side of Eric's and straddling him, the head of his cock sitting against the entrance to her pussy, the still warm water warming her lower leg as she wrapped her arms around his shoulder and neck, and kissed him deeply, biting his lip. Eric placed his hands on her hip, and shifted slightly to guide his cock inside as Vanessa lowered herself upon him and took him into her, then moved his hands back to pull her cheeks apart as he so enjoyed doing. Her perfect breasts were pressed against his skin, nipples fencing with each other and they stayed nearly still for a moment as Vanessa had all of Eric inside of her, just enjoy the sensation of being full, of his hardness against her wetness, and of skin against skin. But just for a moment, and then they started to move towards, and against each other, Vanessa rising and falling on Eric's shaft while his arms kept her from moving too far, and hers kept their upper torsos together. She enjoyed the feel of his chest against hers nearly as much as he enjoyed the feel of her breasts against him, and they were locked into a deep, passionate kiss. Vanessa moved her arms around Eric to his back, and dug in with her fingernails to get a better hold as she rocked up and down, forward and back on this cock, taking it at a slight angle to better rub against her g spot. Eric stared to move faster in response, taking a hold of her hips. Vanessa felt the orgasm starting to build, and broke off the kiss. She leaned forward and rested her weight on Eric's chest, and arched her back just as he slid even deeper into her, then brought his head forward and softly sit, and kissed her collarbone. Her orgasm crashed over her like the storm above them, and Eric felt her tense up which added even more pressure as he reverse course and thrust again, himself leaning back into her hands as she dug her nails into him harder than she had before, and triggering his own orgasm. Holding tight onto Vanessa's waist, the head of his cock so sensitive as he emptied himself into her, his cum mixing with her wetness. After a few moments the feeling subsided, Vanessa relaxing enough for Eric to withdraw himself gently. With her still straddling them, they continued to embrace, the warm of the water relaxing their tense muscles and keeping away the cold of the storm that raged above. The flickering candle light, the feel of their bodies against each other, and the after effects of good, no great sex. Perfection.

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