Her Sister Prays Her Little Brother To Fuck Her In The Ass

Her Sister Prays Her Little Brother To Fuck Her In The Ass

Friday nightAnother weekend, another party time.On Friday evening, Justy, or Red as we like to call her, drove over with Emma and Ellie for dinner at The Oak, followed by a quiet, girly night inside. I hadn’t got together with Emm and Ellie for quite a while, so it was great to catch up.The girls arrived at 6 pm, time for a natter and a drop of wine. Our dinner booking was for 8 pm, so plenty of chat before we left. The girls dressed sexily, as usual, plenty of flesh on show!We wandered back from the pub, a leisurely three-minute stroll. Another glass or two of Sancerre, and then it was time for the girls to play.Up in the bedroom, we stripped off our clothes and got down to our favourite sport. First up was Emma, who eagerly laid back on my six-foot super-king-size bed. Red and Ellie knelt either side, licking and nuzzling her cute, pert breasts. Emma’s delicious, smooth pussy was left for me. Emm spread her legs wide in anticipation. As I once again explored her inner delights, the juices started to flow, my face quickly becoming a little bit damp and sticky. It wasn’t too long before Emma was ready to cum, and cum she did, long and loud!Then it was Ellie’s turn. I was relegated to tit-chewing duty as Red went for pussy eating. I’ve always been in awe of Ell’s pendulous breasts; so impressive. Again, it didn’t take a great length of time until Ell was orgasming loudly. She’s a noisy girl to be sure! Next up was Red; soon after it would be my turn.There is nothing as satisfying as a gentle orgasm induced solely by a few female tongues. Emma was responsible for mine, her agile tongue exploring the depths of my cunt. Red and Ellie, doing a sterling job teasing my nips, licking and deliciously chewing them. As with the other girls, I was close to cumming quite quickly. Soon I was, my limbs shaking involuntarily, a delightful start to our weekend of sex.We paired off: Ellie with me, and Red and Emm in the guest bedroom. By the time we drifted off to sleep, I had sampled all the girls' delights. Saturday NightWe slowly arose around 10am for a leisurely breakfast followed by a shower to wake us all up.As it was an okay day, we later decided on a gentle walk through the woods for a couple of hours, stopping off for a coffee at a nearby hostelry.By the time we returned home it was just about time to prepare for the evening event. Big Al, brother Dwayne and a couple of friends - Joe and Clint - were meeting us at the pub later for dinner and a night of sex.We spent the next hour or so pampering ourselves and picking out what to wear. As it was a sort of special occasion, we decided on stockings as our token underwear; any more would be a no-no. Ellie had brought a really outrageous green, satin dress to wear. It was below the knee, but really low-cut bodice, and open at the sides, down to her hips. Emma chose a more regular blue, satin mini, extremely low at the front, and rear giving an enticing glimpse of the top of her cute arse. Justy, being the ultimate diva, selected a long, red, satin dress, with a slash on one side from ankle to upper thigh. Naturally, very loose-fitting, exposing her beautiful breasts as she moved. As the others had picked out shiny dresses, I opted for the same, my black mini, low-cut all round of course.Dinner was at seven, so at quarter to, we sauntered down the lane to meet the boys. They were waiting for us at the bar, no surprise at all. Introductions were made where necessary and we moved in
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to the restaurant for our meal. Delightful food and a few bottles of excellent wine, then back home to get the girls and guys better acquainted.There, we slipped our dresses from our shoulders, and let them fall to the ground. Four girls hungry for sex, wearing just stockings and stilettos. We selected a guy each and slowly removed their clothing, bit by bit until they too were naked. Four semi-erect black cocks in need of attention.We sank to our knees, and each took the cock in front of us in our mouths. We teased just enough to get them fuck-worthy then left it to Al and his boys to take over.“Okay bitches, go sit on the sofa,” Al barked at us. Al looked at us momentarily then selected Emma. “Over here, bitch, lay over the arm.” Al gestured towards the sofa opposite to where we were sitting. Emm eagerly hurried across, and hung her body over the sofa arm. Pointing at Red, Al said, “You, bitch, warm her cunt up.” Red didn’t need telling twice as she made her way to prepare Emm’s cunt with her tongue. With Emm nice and moist, Red was sent back to our sofa to watch the ritual fucking of our friend. We sat there holding hands as we observed.First up was Clint. He forced his cock, none to gently into Emm’s puss. It was hard and rough, and soon Emm was moaning gently. The gently turned into moaning loudly, then finally she was yelling obscenities. Clint and Emm climaxed together, and almost without a pause, Joe took over from Clint. He too ploughed into Emm’s cunt relentlessly. Meanwhile, Clint thrust his sticky cock in front of my face.“Clean it, whore,” I was ordered, and naturally I did.Emm now was nearing her second orgasm, which she reached noisily. Then it was Dwayne taking over from Joe. Joe’s cock was waved in front of me with instructions to clean it too. Emm and Dwayne were by now nearing climax, and so they did. Emm just as loudly as before. Last up was Al, the master technician. He fucked Emm so powerfully, probably twice as long as the other guys, though it was possibly Emm holding on to prolong the pleasure. Finally, she couldn’t last any longer before they both came, Emm’s fourth in maybe just over an hour. Naturally, I was tasked with cleaning Al’s delicious cock.“Up, slut,” Emm was told. “Back with the other sluts.” Emm staggered across to our sofa on wobbly legs.“You now, bitch,” Ellie was commanded. She made her way across to the fucking sofa, her puss definitely in no need of any oral lubrication!Meanwhile, Emm was laying prone on our sofa, cum oozing from her cunt. Red first, and then me, proceeded to lap up the cocktail of four guys' semen.Ellie by now was in the midst of her first Clint orgasm soon to be noisily climaxed. The yelling and screaming coming from her mouth made Emm appear quite subdued. This was followed by her second courtesy of Joe, then Dwayne and finally Al. Ellie sort of staggered back to our sofa to be lovingly cleaned-up.Then it was Red’s turn and finally me. It seemed a bit of a cheat as we had both been shared by the four guys last weekend but who's complaining.Red and I decided to sit out the next few hours to give Ellie and Emma more of the black fuckateers. The boys ran through their repertoire of moves for the girls, culminating with their two cock in a cunt party piece.Finally we paired off for the night, I started with Joe and woke up next to Dwayne!The dawn was breaking as I drifted off. Quite a night especially for Emm and Ell.      

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