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YOUNG BABY FUCKED WITH LOVE IN HER ROOM sex with oltence with big tits

‘Ok’ I said, ‘but you know I can’t write for shit!’ ‘That’s fine. All you have to do is take a tape recorder and ask them the questions that I’ll write down for you. Drink free wine in the hospitality area while watching the show! It’ll be easy.’ Said my best friend Shelly. My name is Gina and I am a 32 year old married woman. My best friend is a music journalist and she asked me to cover for her in going to see a gig and interviewing a band. She had double booked herself and wanted to go on the date she had mistakenly arranged thinking that the gig was on another night. After heading to her flat to collect my AAA pass for the show, a tape recorder and a list of questions I turned up to the venue and was ushered side stage to watch the four piece band play a sell out show and take some notes for my friend. The gig finished and I was asked to wait around til they had showered before getting led into their dressing room for the interview. ‘Hi Shelly, we’ve read loads of your work. We’ve been looking forward to meeting you all day’ the handsome lead singer, Richard, said as he leant in to kiss my cheek. He introduced me to the rest of the band, Jimmy on drums, Paul on bass and Sean on guitar. They all said their hellos politely and all pecked my cheek. My perception of ‘rock stars’ had been that they were all assholes, but these guys seemed sweet. ‘Can we get you a drink?’ Sean said to me. A little bit tipsy from drinking the wine offered while watching the gig, I asked for a glass of wine, which was handed to me as I was setting up the tape recorder. I rattled through the questions and we had built up a flirty, fun rapport in no time at all. The questions were fairly mundane and as I relaxed I ad-libbed some questions, hoping that the real Shelly would have more information to write a really good piece on them. The interview was nicely wrapped up after an hour and I thanked them for their time and started to pack my things away. ‘Hang on a minute,’ Richard said, ‘What about the ‘cock’ question? Have you forgotten?’ Puzzled and blushing a little, I responded, ‘Erm… What ‘cock’ question?’ Jimmy piped up, ‘We heard a rumour that you liked to ask every band you interview, which member has the biggest dick! It’s one of the reasons why we’ve been so excited to meet you!!’ adding, ‘That and the fact we had heard that you were smoking hot!! Which you are!’ Shuffling through my notes and blushing redder at the naughtiness of the question and the compliment, I definitely couldn’t find the note that said, ‘Ask them who has the biggest penis.’ ‘That’s easy’ said Richard the singer, ‘Its me!’ ‘Bullshit!’ chirped the bass player, ‘The question was who HAS the biggest dick, NOT who IS the biggest dick!!’ Seemingly forgetting I was there they began a childish argument as to who possessed the largest weapon, ignoring the fact that the question hadn’t actually been asked. ‘Right!’ shouted Jimmy, ‘She’ll have to judge’ pointing at me. Quick as a flash, the four men started undoing their trousers. ‘There’s no need,’ I began to stammer. ‘There is. This needs deciding once and for all’ replied Jimmy as his jeans hit the floor, followed by his pants. Within seconds, the four of them were stood in front of me, trousers and pants around their ankles asking me to judge which one had the largest cock. I’d only ever seen my husband’s dick in the flesh before and continued to blush at their brazenness. A little bit drunk from the wine, something came over me and I thought that Scanning along the line of the four famous people’s cocks, I noticed that Jimmy was getting hard! ‘Its not so easy now, is it?’ pointing at his impressively thick cock as it was standing to attention. Quick as a flash, Richard replied, ‘No its not, maybe YOU should make us ALL hard, so that its fair!’ adding, ‘We had heard that you give LEGENDARY blow jobs!’ Wondering exactly how much of a slut my best friend was, I couldn’t see a way out of the situation without blowing (ahem) her cover and feeling a wave of horniness sweep over me I perched my ass on the edge of the sofa and said, ‘I guess not. Its nice to hear my reputation precedes me!’ I couldn’t believe what I was saying but motioned for the boys to step nearer and opened my mouth. The boys rushed over to me and offered me their cocks. Being the nearest I let Richard put his limp cock to my lips, running my tongue around the tip, he let out a moan and I opened my mouth a little bit more and put the end of his cock in. Feeling him harden against the inside of my mouth, Jimmy leant down and undid the buttons on my
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shirt, slipping it off to leave me sat there in my bra, short skirt and heels. Removing Richard from my mouth, he stepped aside and let Paul take his place. He was already hard by the time he placed his dick into my mouth. As I bobbed my head up and down his cock, I felt a pair of hands on my skirt, lifting it up around my waist revealing a pair of matching lacy panties. I couldn’t believe that I was being such a slut. Jimmy and Sean moved to the side and lifted my hands to their cocks, which I willingly began stroking as I let Paul push his dick down my throat. Pulling my mouth away, I gasped for air and said, ‘Right, line up then, lets get this decided!’ The four men who I had only ever seen on TV all stood in a line displaying their hard cocks for me to decide who was the biggest. I stood up and walked along the line, taking each one in my hand, weighing it and rubbing their balls with my other. Richards was long, but not that thick. Sean had a thick cock, with a massive head, but wasn’t as long as Richard’s. Paul’s was impressive. As long as the singer’s but not as thick as the guitarist’s. The winner, without a doubt was the drummer’s. Thick, long and frankly, beautiful. At least eight inches long, I struggled to get my hand all the way around it and when I dropped to my knees in front of him, I had to open my mouth as wide as I could to get it between my lips. After a few minutes, I looked up at him, his cock in my hand and said, ‘Would you like to fuck me with this monster?’ adding, ‘Your friends can take turns in my mouth while they watch you fuck me with your massive prick!’ Quick as a flash, he lifted me up off the floor and moved me onto my knees on the sofa, pulling my panties to the side and nudged his fat bell-end against my pussy lips. ‘That’s a yes then, is it?’ I managed to gasp as I felt him inch his big cock into my willing cunt! I looked over my shoulder and told him to grind himself all the way in to me. I also beckoned his band mates to come and take turns in putting their cocks in to my mouth. The drummer began to thrust in to me from behind, while the singer pushed past my lips in to my mouth. They got into a rhythm that resulted in me deep-throating the singer’s cock, which is something I had never done before! The guitarist and the bass player took turns in fucking my mouth. I deep-throated all of their glorious cocks as their friend pummeled me from the back. At one point, the drummer surprised me by nudging his thumb into my ass, while murmuring ‘Your pass does say Access ALL Areas after all!’ in my ear. My eyes bulged as a little sharp pain went through me, but once I’d got used to it, it felt amazing. I felt close to coming and when my orgasm hit, my legs buckled and I collapsed onto the sofa with the drummer’s impressive meat still in me. As he fell on top of me, it felt like it had gone in deeper, filling my cunt. Much to my disappointment, he pulled his lovely dick out of me and flipped me onto my back. Pushing my knees up to my chest, he positioned himself at the entrance of my sopping pussy and thrust back in to me in one go! Moaning loudly as he fucked me for all he was worth, his friends resumed taking turns fucking my mouth. I was able to stroke their cocks in this position and before long, Paul groaned that he was about to cum. ‘On my tits’ I gasped, rubbing his balls with my free hand, as he aimed and fired jets of spunk over my boobs. The sight of his friend making such a mess on my tits pushed the singer over the edge and he coated my cheek and tongue with his hot sticky load. Sean thrust his cock into my mouth and began fucking my face until he emptied what felt like a gallon of spunk down my throat. While they were cumming in me or on me, Jimmy kept a steady pace fucking my pussy. As he increased his pace, I begged him to fill my pussy with his sticky seed. After a couple more minutes of thrusting he duly obliged. I could feel him tense and then feel hot jets of spunk deep inside me. Spent, he pulled out of me and I reached down to feel his cum dripping out of me. I couldn’t resist and rubbed my cum-soaked pussy to treat myself to another shuddering orgasm. Exhausted and laying there with cum dripping all over me, I said, ‘Hope that helped!’ and smiled. Half an hour later I’d cleaned up and left and headed back through the venue which was deserted. The following morning I headed to Shelly’s with the notes and the tape recorder. ‘You could have warned me about the ‘cock’ question’ I said to her. Puzzled, she looked at me. ‘They didn’t try that old trick, did they?’ She saw my face and knew that I had. And I had loved every minute of it!!

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