She is young and wants to fuck hard and hard

She is young and wants to fuck hard and hard

With the alarm going off, Shannon was already awake and in the shower when Holly awoke. Holly could feel the butterflies returning after having experienced mutual masturbation with what Holly could only surmise as a sleep walk masturbating Shannon. What would Shannon say? What should she say? Maybe Shannon really was asleep and wouldn't even remember what had occurred. Getting out of bed took a bit of work, but she finally made it over to her suitcase and picked out clothing for the work day ahead. Picking out a bra and panties is when the door to the bathroom opened and Shannon stepped out. "Hope you don't mind me going first, I must have been hot last night. I woke up in nothing. Hopefully I didn't flash you or anything," Shannon said calmly already fully dressed in black skirt and white silk blouse. She looked over at Holly's suitcase and smiled, "You should totally wear the black lace thong, and I bet your ass would look amazing in it." Not only did this make Holly even more nervous, she couldn't help but think, maybe Shannon was asleep the whole time. Wow she thought, now she kind of felt a bit dirty having watched and played too. "No, it's quite okay, I could use the extra sleep anyway. The room was quite hot last night," Holly said with a shaky voice. At that moment she noticed in the mirror that the panties she was wearing were still visibly damp from playing. Moving her reflection behind the suitcase, in an attempt to not bring notice to herself, Holly quickly grabbed the black thong, a bra and headed for the bathroom. "We really need to land this contract, they seemed to be almost on board at dinner last night. You should have joined us," she said in an attempt to change the subject. When Holly, came out of the shower, her red dress that was borderline inappropriate for meeting with clients was already out for her. A note sat next to it, "You should also wear this, I'm sure it will convince the clients that our assets are worthy of their money. I'll meet you in the lobby." Holly stepped into the dress and decided that she was right. The clients didn't stand a chance with her wearing this dress, but she was a bit surprised that Shannon went through her clothes and pulled it out in the first place. Dressed and ready to go, Holly thought to herself that Shannon clearly had no recollection of what occurred, so she was going to simply treat it as nothing had happened. Grabbing her bag she headed to the lobby and off to meet the clients again. The two women met with their male counter-parts for a good seven hours, only breaking for lunch. There was a good bit of flirting with the client, but nothing to over the top. The client was ready to sign on but there was still some hold up that was holding the contract back. The two would probably end up staying longer than anticipated. Returning to the hotel after grabbing a bite to eat, Holly asked Shannon to join her for a drink at the hotel bar. "Thanks but no thanks, I want to work on something before heading to bed. If I finish before you come up, I'll probably come back down to join you. Don't pick up any hot men without me," Shannon stated before heading off to the room. Watching Shannon walk away, Holly couldn't help but think of her sturdy and curvy body naked in the bed the previous night. Shannon was pear shaped but by no means fat, but she did have a thicker frame that was filled in nicely. With a shapely ass and breasts a little on the small side for her frame but more than pleasing to look at. Holly's mind drifted in this thought watching Shannon's ass as she headed for the elevator. At the surprisingly upscale bar, Holly ordered a Mai-tai and found a seat at one end of the bar. There were a few men to look at, but nothing of interest beyond a glance. She intentionally teased one guy sitting at a table with a woman, turning her chair just enough that if he looked over, he could see up her dress, if she so desired. She would slowly open her legs just enough that he might get a peak of her panties but then would quickly recover as if it was unintentional. After finishing the drink, she thought about another, but decided it might be best to head up to the room, and see if she could help Shannon out with whatever she was working on. Paying her tab and winking at the guy at the table, she straightened out her dress and headed up to the room. As she neared the door she thought she could hear Shannon's voice. Maybe she was talking to her husband, Holly thought as she slid the key in. Then she heard a man's voice but slightly undistinguishable as it sounded like the man's voice was coming from a phone on speaker. Right after the man spoke, she distinctly heard Shannon say as if in anger, "Fuck!" Apparently they were arguing, and Holly wanted to make sure that Shannon was ok. So as the light turned green on the door, she slowly opened it. Walking in letting the door close behind her she looked up and asked, "Are you ok Sama... Oh my god!" She said in shock. There Shannon was in just a bra sitting in a chair facing towards the room door and Holly. Shannon was plunging a pink jelly dildo in and out of her pussy, with her legs up over the arm rests and her head leaning back and mouth wide open. Her panties, dress and skirt were all on the floor next to Holly's suitcase. The man's voice on the phone spoke, "Yes baby, shove it in for me. Just imagine how she fucks it." Seemingly unaware that Holly had just walked in. Holly gasped at the sight of Shannon in this position, but then it dawned on her, that Shannon was using her dildo. The embarrassing surprise and instant turn on was absolutely overwhelming. In a shocked yet turned on voice, "Oh my god Shannon what are you doing? Are you using my dildo?" Shannon's head bolted up and her eyes opened to the surprise of Holly standing there, "Oh shit, Holly! You’re supposed to be down at the bar." She slid the dildo from her dripping cunt. "I didn't think you would mind after we masturbated together last night, but I also didn't think you would be up here so soon." The man on the phone asked with an air of concern, "Everything ok, what’s going on?" while staticky wet noises could be heard coming from the phone. "You were awake?! I couldn't tell, but fuck, your using my dildo!" Holly said. "Well you can come over here and fuck me with it if you like." Shannon said in a very coy voice, while letting the length of the dildo slide down her pussy lips. "I don't know if I want to slap you or if I'm just extremely turned on! You dirty slut, you. Is that your husband?" Holly asks. The voice on the phone answers back, "Oh fuck, is that Holly saying that. Fuck Shannon, I think my cock just grew even harder if that's possible." "Yes it's John on the phone. I told him that I found your dildo and that it turned me on, thinking about you using it on yourself. He asked me to suck on it, which only made me wet." Shannon said as she bit her bottom lip. "It got me so turned on thinking about you masturbating with it, that I wanted to feel what you felt. I hope you don't mind, if feels so fucking good." She said with a pleasured pout. Still feeling embarrassed and a look of dumbfound, Holly said, "Fuck Shannon, I can't believe you not only would snoop through my bag, but actually using it while having phone sex with your husband." Looking at Shannon with her silky thick thighs up on the chair and still very juicy pussy, Holly paused before finally saying, "God you look so hot sitting there, and you really do look like you’re ready to be fucked hard. I should be pissed off, but damn." "Mmm I do need to be fucked hard, that’s why I was shoving your dildo in my pussy. Just like John was telling me to do. I think he likes you, he couldn't stop saying 'please put Holly's toy in your pussy for me' after I started sucking on it. All I could think about was you wearing the dress you’re in right now and the panties I suggested. I imaged if you had your own room, you would come back take the panties off and ride your dildo to relax." Shannon said smiling, while still sliding the length of the toy along her lips. John stayed silent but an occasional wet staticky sound continued. Looking at the phone, Holly smiled, "Is that true, John? You should see your wife right now." John spoke up, "Yes, I know we shouldn't have, but we both think you’re so incredibly hot. The idea of her fucking the same thing that’s been in you, got me so turned on I couldn't help myself. Honey, what panties did you ask her to wear? Mmm." The sound of what was surely John stroking his cock came back. "Well, Holly why don't you lift your dress up so I can describe them to John. Though the way he is stroking over there, he may just cum from you lifting your dress for me." Shannon said with a coy smile. Holly was hesitant, but at the same time the thought of Shannon watching her, and her husband jerking off now had her growing moist once more. She walked towards the chair, stopping at the edge of Shannon's bed just in front of the chair. Slowly she lifted her red dress up, as the material scrunched up in her hands it revealed her toned smooth thighs. Stopping only for a moment to tease, before pulling up once more to her waist revealing her thong. "Is this what you wanted to see on me?" She asked. "Mmm oh yes, exactly how I had imagined." Shannon said. "John, she's wearing a black thong that is satin covering her sweetness that comes up in the shape of an 'A'. It then turns to black lace that reaches over her hips." She twirls her finger, as to motion Holly to turn around. Doing as instructed, Holly slowly turns showing off, pushing out slightly her firm tight ass. Holly can't believe that she is going along with this, but watching Shannon and hearing John jerking off had her very horny. Pushing the pink slippery dildo back into her vagina, Shannon moaned, "Oh Yes. John you should see her ass. The black lace goes around her hips then curve over her ass, in like a 'V' shape before turning into a thin piece of lace that goes between her amazing ass cheeks. Fuck!" Holly looks back seeing Shannon slide the toy back into her pussy. As she watched, she gracefully slid her own hand between her legs, and bent at the waist. Holding her dress up with her other hand, so that Shannon could see not only her ass, but her fingers rubbing over her thong. "Are you fucking your pussy again? Mmm God I wish I could see the two of you right now. Holly take your thong off and join us playing. I want you to cum with us both." John said with a bit of labored breathing. Still looking back at Shannon, Holly smiled, "I would love to, never knew it would be so hot watching another woman fuck my toy. Would you like to see my pussy too?" All nerves and embarrassment was gone, somehow she now felt completely at ease with Shannon and John. "Fuck, yes! Show me that hot little pussy that all of our clients are right now jerking off thinking about at home. Show me that pussy that has my husband not only begging for but making me fuck your dildo." Shannon said aggressively as the sex toy slid in and out of her pussy slowly. Turning and sitting back on the bed, across from Shannon, Holly lifts up her skirt to her waist and takes off her thong. Then leaning back and putting her knees up with her feet on the bed, in a very similar position to Shannon. With her hand still covering her pussy, she slowly lets her hand drift off, putting her pussy on display for Shannon. "See how wet you have me. I think John would like how wet I am from listening to him and watching you." Intently staring at Holly's now exposed vagina, Shannon plunges the already very slick dildo even deeper into herself. Over and over she does this, begging "Fuck! I want to cum for both of you. I want to cum all over your fucking dildo Holly. Fuck." With her pussy now very wet, Holly rubbed herself watching Shannon. "Oh yes fuck that dick!" she said as she let her own middle finger slip inside. On the phone, John's breathing still heavy, "Fuck, my cock is so hard, I need someone to sit on it so bad." "John, your wife is fucking my dildo, so I would love to ride your hard cock. I bet it's so big and hard." Holly said as she slid a second finger in. "Fuck my pussy feels amazing. Holly go into my suitcase and grab my dildo out of the side pocket. I want you to fuck yourself with it." Shannon demanded. Holly did as she was told, talking her dress fully off as she walked to the suitcase. Then unclasping her bra and dropping it on Shannon's suitcase, exposing her firm tits and very erect nipples. She reached in the side pocket, finding the dildo and pulling it out. It was flesh toned and had a bit of girth to it, with veins that looked realistic on the sides. Holding it in both hands, she fondled it imagining the pleasure it would soon bring her. Turning, she walked back but this time pulling the other chair in the room so that it was in front of Shannon. She sat down in the chair and pulled her legs over the arm rests just how Shannon was. Holly took the flesh toned dildo and slowly wrapped her mouth around it. Teasing it as if it were a real cock she licked the length of it and sucked on it, while her hand moved back to rub her pussy lips. With both Shannon and Holly mirror imaged, Shannon described to her husband what was going on and that Holly was sucking on the dildo. While still slipping Holly's dildo in and out of her own pussy, she said, "Put it in your pussy and fuck it. I want you to use the cock that I like to fuck. John made it for me as a gift, it's a clone of his." "Oh fuck, this is a dildo of your husband’s penis. That's beyond hot." Holly responded as she looked at the dildo more intently. "John your
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penis is gorgeous. Now I really want to put it in me." "Yes, I made it for Shannon on valentine’s day last year. I want you to shove it in your pussy not just for me but so Shannon can watch you cum all over my cock." John insisted as his breathing intensified. Holly could clearly hear John stroking his cock, and now she could clearly imagine what the scene there looked like. She looked down as she rubbed Shannon's dildo on her pussy lips. She could now see that Shannon's pussy was completely drenched. Wet juices covered not just her pussy but her ass and upper thighs. As the clone of John's cock filled Holly's pussy, Shannon shoved Holly's dildo in hard and fast. "Come on Holly fuck it like I'm fucking yours. Fuck, I'm so fucking wet John! You better be stroking that fucking cock! I can tell that Holly wants you to cum for her now too." "Oh fuck yes." John says loudly as the sounds of him stroking his cock grow louder and quicker. "John, I love the sound of you stroking your cock. I'm pushing it in and out of my very wet pussy here. Mmm, can you hear it?" Holly said smiling at Shannon. Dropping a hand down from pushing the pink toy in and out, Shannon started rubbing her clit. At first moving slow then picking up the pace as she demanded of Holly, "Fuck that cock, Fuck that cock Holly, cum all over it." Pushing the clone of John's cock in over and over, Holly was drenching wet. She was so excited by the idea that her pussy walls were being filled with his shape, while also watching his wife, her coworker. She watched Shannon plug her pussy hole with the pink jelly leaving it in while rubbing her clit. "Do you like putting my dildo in your pussy Shannon?" Holly asked rhetorically. "Fuck yes! Love the thought that it has fucked your pussy probably tons of times. It makes me so fucking horny for you. Fuck! I want to cum." Shannon aggressively replied as she raised her ass up in the air while rubbing her clit furiously. The sounds from the phone were strictly heavy breathing and the sound of John stroking hard. Holly figured that John was getting close to cumming, and that only made her intensify her own masturbation. She pushed the dildo in and leaned forward, putting her feet on the ground. She lifted her body off the chair just enough that the head of the toy just barely stayed in her pussy before sliding back down on it. Over and over again she did this. "Oh fuck! John she's fucking bouncing on your cock! You should see her tits bouncing up and down. Fuck I want to cum on her dildo so bad!" Shannon explained to John in a more desperate voice. John could be heard moaning, "I'm close, mmm. I need to!" Hearing that caused Holly sit all the way down on the cloned cock and start rocking her hips on the chair. She put her hands on her tits, squeezing them together as she moaned. "You better ask Holly if you can cum. She's the one sitting on your cock!" Shannon informed John. "Holly, may I please cum for you and Shannon? Wish I could feel the inside of your pussy right now." John moaned out as hard stroking was audible still. Arching her back trying to push as much of the cloned cock in, Holly in a sweet soft voice, "Mmm John, you may. Stroke that big hard dick and shoot all that hot cum for me. Grab your balls and stroke hard for me. Oh yes your dick feel so good. I'm grinding on it right now, watching your wife rub her pussy and sliding my fuck toy in and out. You like that John, just imagine how wet we are as you stroke that big dick of yours." That immediately sent John into a fit of grunting and moaning, "Fuck that cock! Yes... Fuck... Err... Fuck I'm cumming! Arghh Fuck yes!" Followed my more grunting and loud smacking sounds it was evident that John had shot his load. Holly watched as this drove Shannon in to a fit, as she lifted her ass up again and not only rubbed her clit furiously, she began shoving the dildo in hard and fast. Holly wasn't sure who was now being louder, John cumming or Shannon screaming "Oh Fuck!" Finally the sounds had slowed from the phone, and John said in a calm deeper voice, "That's it Honey, cum for Holly. She wants to see you cum all over that dildo of hers. You can do it." Lost completely in the lust, Holly had a moment of clarity and couldn't believe she was right in the middle of masturbating with her coworker and coworker's husband. The seat started squeaking from her rocking, bringing her back into the pleasure of her pussy filled with the cloned cock of John. Focused intently on watching Shannon furiously fucking and rubbing herself, Holly builds on what John said in the same sweet soft voice, "That's it Shannon fuck my toy, feel how it fills you. You're so fucking hot fucking yourself, it makes me want you more and more. Just imagine how many times that it’s been in my pussy making me cum, and now you're going to cum on it too. Do you like me watching you?" "Fuck Holly, I want to cum all over your fucking dildo. Holly Fuck me! Fuck me Holly!" Shannon screamed. Getting up, Holly let the cloned cock slip from her lips. She stepped over next to the chair, leaning over so that her tits hung not far from Shannon's head. Reaching down, Holly took the dildo from Shannon's hand and started plunging it in Shannon's glistening pussy, over and over. "I can't believe I'm doing this but I really want you to cum. My pussy is so wet for the two of you." Holly said with a slightly distressed voice from the strain of fucking Shannon's pussy as fast as she could. With Holly in control of the dildo, Shannon focused on rubbing her clit and on Holly's firm globes hanging in front of her. The wet noises were very obvious where they were coming from this time. Shannon screamed, "Fuck me Holly! Shove that fucking cock in my slutty pussy! Fuck me Holly!" Without any further warning, as if one was needed, Shannon arched her entire body up into the air in a jerking motion. Her hips wildly shot up and came back down, making it difficult for Holly to continue. Shannon's fingers rubbed her clit furiously as she screamed now in ecstasy, far more intense than the night before. As Shannon's body collapsed into the chair, Holly stood up next to chair and started rubbing herself again. On the phone, John spoke up, "Good girl. That was so fucking hot. I wish I could stay but if I don't get back to this meeting, I'll be fired. Holly, you better cum for her, otherwise I'll have to make you myself. Enjoy your evening Shannon, you hot sexy woman you." He then hung up leaving just the two women. Holly wasn't done, she was way to horny now to just get dressed. She went back to her chair, picked up the cloned cock, and sat back down putting her legs back up on the chair arms. Completely collapsed in the other chair, Shannon's breathing slowed and she lifted her head just enough that Holly knew Shannon was watching her again. "You are such a dirty slut going into my bag and masturbating with my toy. Mmm, and so much more of a turn on than I thought." Holly said with a devilish grin on her face. "Mmm hmm, well this dirty slut is now going to help you cum." Shannon says in a deeper sultry voice. Lustfully looking on, Holly watched Shannon slipping the glistening pink dildo out of her juice covered slit. Shannon slid out of the chair and knelt in front of Holly's spread thighs. This caused Holly to tense up, not knowing what her coworker had in mind. Though she very much knew what she wanted to happen. Reaching up, Shannon offered the very wet pink dildo that had just been inside of her. "Would you like to taste me all over your toy, while I fuck you with my husband's cock?" She asked very politely as if what she was saying wasn't such filth. Handing the cloned cock to Shannon, Holly took the base of the pink dildo and teasingly licked the tip. Staring down seductively at Shannon, she licked the length of her sex toy tasting the sweet juices from Shannon's pussy. Longingly waiting for Shannon to play with her, she licked her Shannon flavored lollipop. Pressing the tip of her husband's shaped penis against Holly's pussy lips, Shannon teased, "Holly, I can't tell you how fucking hot it was to cum for you. Now I want you to relax and suck my wetness off of that cock." Doing as ordered, Holly took the head of the pink dildo in her yearning mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head a few times before pushing it deep in her mouth as she closed her eyes. At that very moment she felt her pussy lips spread open as Shannon slid the cloned cock in her quickly. This caused her blue eyes to burst open in surprise and moan. Smiling brightly Shannon asked, "Oh you like taking my husband's cock in your pussy?" Grabbing her breast, Holly pinched her nipple as she moaned in agreement as she continued sucking. She could feel her pussy walls stretching each time Shannon pushed the cloned cock in. Moaning with desire, "Mmm, mmhmm, mmhmm." Her body begged for more, as she continued to suck the dildo clean of Shannon's nectar. She sucked and sucked, thinking about sucking her boyfriend's cock and what he would think of Shannon fucking her now. Then her mind drifted to John's cock filling her pussy, and how wonderful it would be to have Shannon's husband fucking her and sucking off her boyfriend. "I want to know Holly. Would you like to be a dirty fucking slut for me?" Shannon asked with an attitude, while she wiggled her own ass at the thought. Taking the dildo from her mouth and with mouth gapping open in pleasure, Holly desperately wanted to, "I want to be such a dirty dirty slut for you. Make my slutty pussy cum just like yours. I want to cum sooo bad." She sat her dildo on the bed nearby and proceeded to push her tits together as she rocked her hips towards Shannon and moaned. Still wiggling her ass, and still very much wet herself, Shannon began plunging the flesh toned cloned cock of her husband deep in and out of Holly. Much in the same fashion as Shannon had been doing when Holly walked in on her. This made Holly go wild, the smacking sound of the cock ramming her pussy was almost as loud as it was pleasurable. Holly screamed initially, but as she pinched her nipples and moaned loudly, she couldn't help but think now about her coworker abusing her pussy in such a miraculous way. She had difficulty keeping her hips still, but tried her best making sure the cock never came out of her. Shannon positioned herself better, so that she could really let Holly have it. With one hand she reached over Holly, grabbed the pink dildo and pushed it back into her own pussy, leaving it there without missing a stroke. Her tits still in a bra, were clearly bouncing as she continued to plunge Holly's pussy with the cock. "Make my pussy cum on that dick! I'm a dirty slut fucking your husband's dick and want to cum all over his big hard dick. FUCK ME!" Holly screamed, loud enough that it echoed. She could feel her whole body begging for release, as she grabbed her knees and pulled them up higher, screaming as it allowed the cock to go deeper. She looked lustfully at Shannon's tits that begged to be released, then down noticing the pink dildo back in her coworker. Watching Shannon fuck her pussy hard, Holly felt her body tightening up, "Oh god, Oh god I'm going to cum. Fuck me hard Shannon!" Shannon took both hands and shoved the cloned cock in and out as hard as she could. Not letting it out of Holly's drenched pussy for a moment, despite the jerking motions that Holly's body started making. Over and over she plunged the cock deep in, as Holly screamed again and again, until her body froze. She slowed the pace dramatically, letting Holly's orgasm finish. Holly couldn't believe the explosion in her body, it was like a fireworks display of massive proportions. Her eyes as wide as possible, her mouth wide as she gasped to catch her breath. Never breaking eye contact with Shannon as her body started to relax. Standing up in just her bra and dildo still firmly in place, Shannon smiled holding the cloned cock and proceeded to take it to her mouth. Moaning as she put on a display for Holly, sucking her husband's cloned cock clean of Holly's pussy nectar. "Oh god that felt so amazing, I've never used another woman's toy. Much less one made from another woman's husband's dick. Mmm." Holly gratefully said. "I wonder what the client's would think if they knew we came back and came for each other?" Letting her lips smack off the cloned cock, Shannon replied "First off, you taste fantastic. As good as you look. Second, I think they already are thinking about it, and jerking off right now." As she separated her legs and bent at the waist, she reached and slipped Holly's pink dildo from herself. Leaning in further she kissed Holly on the lips. Instantly taken a back a bit by the kiss, as this oddly enough made Holly slightly uncomfortable despite being naked and having just cum for this woman. She let the initial reaction fade and pulled Shannon's face to hers with a passionate kiss. Breaking the kiss, Shannon offered the pink toy back in an innocent shy voice, "Oops, I'm sorry I accidentally found this in your bag. I hope you can forgive me." "Thank you, and I forgive you, but why don’t you keep it so you can show your husband," Holly said in a very relaxed state. "Well, in that case, keep mine as well. Give us a call sometime, and we can all set up a play date,” Shannon said as her hips swayed walking to the shower with the pink dildo still in hand. Five minutes later Holly’s phone rang, only to find out that the client had signed and they would be returning home the following day. Holly couldn’t help but feel disappointed, despite the great news. She thought to herself, “Well, at least we don’t have to check out till 11am.”

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