A Blonde Gets Another Girl To Kiss Her Vagina

A Blonde Gets Another Girl To Kiss Her Vagina

I grew up a poor Mexican kid living in the ghetto section of San Diego. My father split when my mother told him she was pregnant with me. She ended up being a single mother working her ass off to give me a life much better than the one she had. She obtained permission from the school board to enroll me in Kindergarten in the Rancho Santa Fe school district (the rich neighborhood). Wanting nothing but the best education she could afford, I attended school in the Rancho Santa Fe district all the way through high school. It wasn't easy growing up a Mexican kid in a predominantly all white school. Not having many friends, I developed an affinity for art design. I spent most of the time outside of school alone. My mother worked three jobs and I barely saw her. So I spent my alone time drawing, building model cars and airplanes and sculpting with clay. By the time I was in high school, I was pretty good at two things, art class and football. I played middle linebacker on Defense and was a starter on the Varsity team, yet I still didn't have many friends. Not many rich, white kids wanted to associate or be seen associating with the Mexican. Even in the showers after football practice, no one would want to shower next to me. Denying the fact that the other boys were racist, I assumed they didn't want to be next to me because they were intimidated by the eight inch cock I was blessed with. The summer before my junior year of high school, I played into the Mexican stereotype and started mowing lawns for spending money. There was plenty of money in the Rancho Santa Fe neighborhood so I wanted to get some if to ease the burden on my mom. After school started, football was in full swing and I met a boy named Kienan. He was a black kid that moved to the school district. Thankfully, I was no longer the only minority in the school. We didn't know it yet, but we were kindred spirits. Like me, he was from a poor household. His father wasn't in the picture and his mother moved to San Diego from Los Angeles to try to provide what was best for Kienan. Kienan started getting mixed up with the wrong crowd, dabbling with gangs and such. Once his mother found out, she immediately put an end to it by moving to San Diego. Kienan tried out for the football team and earned a spot at middle linebacker right next to me. Since we both were on the starting team and not in competition with each other, we quickly became friends. When we showered after practice, he was next to me and, of course everyone else was huddled together in their own Caucasian click. Noticing that we were alone Kienan asked, "What's up with that?" I noticed that Kienan's cock was the same size as mine and replied, "Well if you had a little dick, wouldn't you want to stay away from the big boys?" We just laughed and went about our business. Kienan and I quickly became best friends. I partnered with him in my lawn mowing business and we were able to do twice the work and make a lot more money, splitting everything down the middle. The summer before my senior year I was seventeen years old and finally lost my virginity. I was doing a lawn job one hot July day at a nice mansion. In fact, most houses in the Rancho Santa Fe area were mansions. As I was working in the backyard, a hot red head was sunbathing by the pool. I recognized her as one of my classmates at school. The fact that she didn't seem to know or speak to me was not surprising. Being the Mexican lawn boy, it was something I was used to. But she was so hot. Locks of fiery red hair dangled midway down her back. She was wearing a skimpy little bikini. I would catch myself staring as I worked the details of the yard. I knew I would be jerking off to that mental image later that night. When I finished the job, I was collecting my tools. To my surprise, she called me over. As I approached her, I smiled and said, "Hi," in a very friendly tone, thinking that maybe she did recognize me and she, too, was being friendly. She just looked at me and said, "There's a leak in the shower head in the bathhouse. Can you please fix it?" "I'm sorry," I replied, "I don't know anything about plumbing leaks." "A pool boy doesn't know anything about plumbing?" she responded, "You must not be very good at your job." "I'm the lawn guy," I stated. "Well, whatever you are, I'm sure my parents are paying you good money, and when they get back I would hate for you to lose your job when I tell them that I needed your help and you refused to give it to me," she said with a snotty attitude. She was right. They were regular customers and to lose their business would mean a dip in my income. So I walked towards the bathhouse. It was bigger than the house my mother and I lived in. When I entered, I located the shower. It was a walk-in shower. There were three shower heads. It was tiled to perfection and there were a few benches built in. This shower was bigger than my bedroom. It was humid in there, so I took off my dirty t-shirt and walked over to one of the shower heads. I figured that if I was going to be working in there, I might as well get comfortable. I turned on the cold water are stepped under it, washing off the sweat and dirt. The cold water felt so refreshing running through my hair and down my chest and back. I didn't care that it was running down to my shorts and work shoes, they were soaked with sweat anyway. After a few seconds I turned the water off. "Why stop there?" I heard a voice say. Startled, I turned around and the red head was standing in the doorway of the shower. She started walking towards me. "I mean, if you're going to wash off, then wash more than just your chest," she said, still walking towards me. I was stunned. I didn't know what she was getting at or what to do. I just stood there dumbfounded. She approached me and reached down and unbuckled my belt. I was frozen. She unbuttoned my shorts and slid the zipper down. My shorts fell to the tiled floor leaving me in my boxers. She turned the shower back on. The cold water hit us. She reached behind her back and untied her bikini top. It fell to the floor, exposing a perfect set of cotton white tits with hard, pink nipples. Despite the cold water, my cock sprang to life. She looked down to see my hard cock sticking out the opening of my boxers. "What's this?" she asked sarcastically, dropping to her knees, grabbing my cock on her way down. "Whoa, it's so big!" she exclaimed stroking my eight inches with her hand. She then pulled my boxers down and they were on the ground around my ankles with my shorts. She angled me towards the shower head so the water ran over my cock. Then she put her mouth around my bulbous cock head and slid down a few inches of my shaft. I was too big to deep throat but she sucked and stroked as much as she could. This was the first sexual experience I've ever had and I was in complete ecstasy. It didn't take long before I felt my load start to rise. I was about to cum. My knees started to buckle, so I braced myself against the shower wall with my hand. Before I could get my composure I shot my load into her mouth. She was taken aback at how quickly I came, but she kept sucking and stroking, swallowing every last drop. After she sucked me dry, she looked up at me, "Well, that was quicker than I expected," she said with slight disappointment. I was breathing heavy, still dumbfounded by what just happened. I couldn't even speak. She studied me for a few seconds, but seemed more like minutes. "You're a virgin, aren't you?" she asked with utter amazement. I just made eye contact with her, but immediately looked away. I felt excited, yet embarrassed at the same time. I truly didn't know what to do next. "You are!" she exclaimed, "Holy shit!" She grabbed my limp cock and led me towards one of the benches. "That's okay. I'll take it easy on you." She said with a sinister tone. She sat down on the bench and spread her legs. She pulled the crotch of her bikini to the side exposing her pink pussy surrounded by her orange pubes, "I want you to eat my pussy until your dick gets hard again." Rich Daddy's little angel had fire in her eyes. Still overwhelmed with everything, I got down on my knees. The cold tile of the shower floor was rough. She was still pulling her bikini to the side with one hand and spreading her pussy lips with the other. She flicked her clit with her finger. "Lick this," she instructed. I leaned in between her legs and started licking her clit. The smell of her pussy was amazing. Never having smelled a pussy before I was entranced by the salty scent combined with sweat and tanning oil. It tasted so good. I started licking harder. I could hear her start to moan as she started gyrating her hips. "Stick your finger in me," she panted, "Fuck me with your finger!" I took my middle finger, found her opening and slid it in. Her pussy was so hot and wet. I pumped her moist pussy with my finger as I licked her engorged clit. Although I had no experience at this, I must have been doing something right. She was bucking her hips, panting and whimpering. She turned slightly to the side and propped one leg up on the bench. My hand quickly replaced hers, still spreading her pussy lips. She used her free hand to prop herself up. She was getting hotter and hotter as I continued eating her pussy. Then she took her hand and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me into her pussy. Her legs started trembling as she whimpered, "Oh, you're going to make me cum!" She had a death grip on my head, grinding her hips. All I could do was to keep licking and fingering her pussy. She thrust her hips a few times before exploding in my mouth. My face and hand was drenched in her sweet juice. She kept bucking and grinding. I didn't stop eating that hot pussy until she calmed down and released the grip on my head. By then my cock was rock hard once again. I leaned back on my knees to get some air. She slipped off her bikini bottom and still sat their with her legs spread. "You need to fuck me now," She said, still panting from her orgasm. She turned to where she was straddling the bench. I moved to where I was straddling it in front of her. She spread her legs wider as she leaned to lay back on the bench. I sat on the bench in front of her. Grabbed her hips and pulled her close to my rock hard dick. She reached down in front of her, grabbed my dick and rubbed the head up and down her pussy a few times. "I've never had one this big," she cooed. This girl was in the same class as me at school. I wasn't sure how much experience she had but it was a lot more than me. The rich little Daddy's girl liked to fuck. I was sure of that. She lined my dick head up with her dripping hole. I thrust my hips slightly and penetrated her hot, moist lips. Her pussy was so wet, my dick slid almost all the way in. She gasped and let out a moan. Her eyes got really big. "Oh fuck!" she panted. I started to pump her slowly. "Oh fuck yeah, give it to me!" she grunted as she bucked her hips. I got a nice rhythm going and I was getting off on seeing my big, cock part her pink pussy lips and plunge in and out of her hungry box. I grabbed her hips and was sliding her into me as I sped up my pace. I could hear my balls slapping her ass with each thrust. She was squeezing and grunting as I pumped in my dick. I was fucking her nice and hard. Her silky white tits were bouncing back and forth with each thrust. Her nipples were rock hard, pointing straight into the air. I reached up and squeezed one with my thumb and forefinger while still pulling her hips into me with my other hand. "Oh that dick feels so good!" She cooed, "I can feel it stretching my puss
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y out." I kept pounding her pussy with all that I had, giving her all eight inches of my rock hard dick. After watching her squeal and moan with pleasure, I started getting some confidence about me. I pulled my dick out of her hot canal. She gave me a puzzled look. Before she could say anything I grabbed her hand and pulled her up off the bench and led her to the shower head that was still running. I turned her to face the wall with the shower splashing her head and face. I was about to do what I always fantasized about at night when I jerked myself off in bed. I grabbed her by the hips and pushed her shoulders down to where she was leaning forward against the wall. I pulled her hips to where her ass was aligned with my throbbing cock. I spread her ass cheeks to see her dripping hungry hole. With one thrust, I rammed my dick all the way in her pussy. I fucked her from behind as the shower hit both of us. I pumped and pumped loving the slurping sound my dick made with as it rammed in and out of her hole. I would spread her ass cheeks apart so I could watch my dick slide in and out as it stretched her pussy open. All she could do was moan and whimper as I fucked her. After a few minutes of hardcore fucking, I could feel my load beginning to rise. I knew I was about to cum. I kept fucking her as my load was rising from my balls to my shaft. I pulled my dick out right before I exploded. Then my cock erupted, spewing my load all over her back. I jerked my dick as ropes of cum kept shooting. The water from the shower washed my cum away as it hit the small of her back. After there as nothing left I fell back onto the bench. Not having anything to say, I just sat there panting as I watched her turn around and lean against the shower wall to face me. We said nothing. Once I caught my breath, found my sopping wet clothes. I pulled on my shorts and just held my t-shirt in my hands. She was staring at me. I didn't know what to say so I didn't say anything. I started to turn to walk out of the shower when she said, "Not bad for a virgin." Still speechless, I gave a slight nod. Then she said, "Now get out of here. I need to take a shower so I won't smell like I just fucked the lawn boy." I guess the pool boy didn't fuck her as hard as I just did. As the summer moved along, I started dabbling in landscape design, using my artistic abilities. Kienan did the same. As our lawn mowing service grew, so did the variety of services we offered. By the end of our senior year of high school, our lawn service was more like a business. After we graduated, Kienan and I didn't go to college. We already knew what we wanted to do and were very good at it. We hired some high school kids to do the mowing and trimming for us while we focussed on landscaping. Kienan and I were doing retaining walls, coy ponds, waterfalls, lagoons, etc. I took some business courses at the local junior college and learned how to partner with other companies for in ground pools, tennis courts, outdoor hot tubs. They would do the building and we would make it all pretty in the lawn. That's the benefit of getting in good with millionaires, we did such a good job, they referred us to their rich friends. Soon our business was flying high. Kienan and I got an apartment together and we loved to run our business. As our business grew, so did our sex lives. It was amazing how many rich guys were away from home traveling on business leaving many lonely, horny, hot wives at home. It was like something out of the TV show, Desperate Housewives. We fucked so much hot rich pussy that we didn't know what to do with ourselves. We would go out for drinks on Friday nights and exchange stories of how much pipe we laid that week. Since our business expanded, Kienan and I didn't work together much, only the big jobs. And it was exactly a big job that threw a curve ball at our sex lives. Kienan and I were in our early twenties when we contracted a pretty large project. It was at a mansion owned by some big shot doctor who was never home, but his wife, Cindy, was always there. She was a smokin' little hottie, probably in her mid-to-late thirties. She had a rockin' little body, pert tits and pretty, short, shoulder length blond hair. We contracted the job for three weeks and she was there flirting with us every day. It was mid way through the last week of the job. The crew had already left and I was outside finishing up for the day. I walked through the house looking for Kienan. We had ridden together in one of our company vans and I was tired and ready to go, but Kienan was nowhere to be found. After calling out for him a few times, I heard my name being called from outside. I followed the sound of Kienan's voice out to the back porch. I walked out the door onto the porch and was completely stunned at the sight I saw. "Dude, you need to get over here and get some of this!" Kienan said. Cindy was on her knees sucking Kienan's dick! His work shorts were down around his ankles and Cindy held his cock in place with one hand and was fondling his balls with the other, while she bobbed here head on his eight inch, hard, black cock. I was in a state of shock. I had seen Kienan's dick before in the gym showers after football practice in high school, but never rock hard in a sexual situation. I didn't know if I was was turned on by his cock or by the whole scene playing out in front of me. Before I had a chance to decipher, Cindy looked over at me, "Come over here," she instructed, "I don't want you to get lonely." I walked over to where she was squatting and I faced Kienan. Cindy quickly unbuttoned my work shorts and pulled them to the ground along with my boxers. My rock hard dick sprang free. "Oh, your cock is as big as his!" Cindy exclaimed, "Oooh, and you liked what you saw!" She took her tongue and flicked my bulbous cock head, capturing the precum that had formed. She then swallowed my cock, bobbing and sucking. She still held Kienen's dick with once hand, stroking it. She took turns stroking and sucking each of our cocks. She liked playing with them. I would get a tingle of unexpected excitement when she would rub the heads of our cocks together. I was so wrapped up in the scene and the awesome blow job, I didn't mind my dick touching Kienan's. Besides I enjoyed watching her suck his cock. It was so hot. She was stroking his dick and sucking his balls when Kienan looked over at me. "She's going to make me cum if she keeps this up." "Me too," I panted as she stroked my cock while staying on his. I could feel my orgasm starting to build. I looked over at Kienan, who had his eyes closed. His breathing increased. I knew he would be cumming soon. Then, out of nowhere, I heard a door slam from in the house and a man calling for Cindy. The look of terror in Cindy's eyes told me exactly who entered the house. Cindy sprang to her feet. In one fluid motion Kienan and I pulled up our shorts and buttoned them, but our raging hard-ons couldn't be concealed. Cindy ran into the house to greet her husband. Kienan and I turned to face the yard and the project. Cindy returned to the back porch with her husband. She immediately starts talking about the wonderful job we were doing with the project and that we only had a few days left before it was finished. By this time, our cocks had softened a little, enough to turn and face him. He shook our hands and agreed what a fine job our crew had done. "The boys were just finishing up for the day," Cindy stated, giving us our queue to leave. We didn't hesitate. We walked around the outside of the house, got in our van and got the hell out of there. "I thought he was supposed to be gone for another week!" Kienan exclaimed. "He was!" I responded, "He said when we signed the contract that he would be out of town for the duration of the job but he trusted us because we came so highly recommended." "Well I guess whatever it was he was doing while away wrapped up early," Kienan said. "Yeah, no shit!" I snapped. After my adrenaline subsided from the intensity of what had just happened, I felt a pain growing in my balls. It was getting worse by the second. I knew what it was. I looked over at Kienan, who was driving, and noticed that he was wincing in pain, as well. "Your balls hurt, too?" I asked. "Fuck yeah," he groaned, "Your balls hurt? What the fuck?" "Blue balls, Dude!" I said, "We've got Blue balls!" "Blue balls!" Kienan yelled, "I thought that was just some shit guys made up in high school when chicks were teases!" "It's very real. It's when you get all excited and sperm pressure builds up in anticipation of being released," I explained, "but it doesn't get released and has to be absorbed back into the balls. That process is painful. Besides, what do you think just happened, planned or not, we both just got teased by Cindy!" "Fuck, Dude, how do we get rid of it?" Kienan groaned "Either cum or let it absorb," I responded, "It should be better by the time we get back home." "Fuck that!" he snapped. We drove down the road a few miles then we saw a small side street in a wooded area. Kienan swerved the van to turn onto the small road. Kienan stopped the van, put it in park and moved to the back of the van. "I can't stand this pain any longer." He said as he pulled off his sweat drenched t-shirt. I wasn't sure what he was going to do, but I followed him to the back of the van. He sat down and leaned back against the inside of the van and slightly spread his legs. He unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and pulled his cock out and started stroking it. He let out a sigh of relief. "Oh fuck yeah," he panted as he stroked his cock. His dick was semi hard when he pulled it out. After a few strokes, it was standing straight up. A surge of excitement rushed to my groin. I sat down in the van on the opposite side facing him. I pulled out my dick, too, and started stroking it as I watch Kienan jerking his dick with his eyes closed and his head back. I was so turned on. It didn't take long for Kienan to start to cum. His breathing increased and he started moaning with pleasure. "Oh ,here it comes," he panted, "Oh, shit, yeah!" He jerked his cock a bit faster then it exploded! Cum shot from his dick like a volcanic eruption, shooting ropes of cum onto his chest and stomach! The milky white cum glistened on his sweaty black skin. His dick kept spurting and spurting cum. Kienan didn't stop jerking his dick. "Fuck yeah!" he moaned. I was so entranced in watching Kienan cum on himself, I didn't realize that I was rapidly stroking my own cock. It only took a few seconds before I was starting to cum, too. Once I was past the point of no return, I raised my shirt with one hand, while jerking my dick with the other. Then I exploded all over my chest. I let out a moan of pleasure which snapped Kienan back to reality. He opened his eyes to see my throbbing cock spewing cum all over myself. My orgasm was so intense, my cock was squirting ropes of cum like Kienan's did. "Fuck, Dude, jerk that dick!" Kienan said with amazement as he watched me continue stroking my cock. My cock finished its orgasm. I finished pulling my shirt over my head and we leaned back against the insides of the van, looking at each other. Our chests and stomachs covered with cum. We wiped ourselves off with our shirts, buttoned up our shorts and jumped back to the front of the van. We drove home, not really saying much about the incident other than how relieved we felt, no longer having that pain in our balls. We never acted weird around each other. It was like something that happened between us and it was alright. However, that day was not the last we would see of Cindy.

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